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BRIC only uses the best materials available on the market. We work within your budget with the best of intentions to exceed your end expectation of your property. Our top kitchen specification is White Shaker Cabinets with a White Quartz Countertop. Check out the end product with stainless steel appliances. 

Gray is the new color scheme on the market and we love transforming the dated neutral off-white colors to a variety of gray colors. Gray on white trim or dark espresso trim is an amazing look to a newly finished property! 

Every property has it's own needs - when dealing with vacant properties, we take caution with new HVAC mechanics, new hot water tanks, ducting, etc. to ensure that your property is in good hands when either renting or selling. New mechanicals add a great deal of value to your property and are worth the investment. 

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Ever need more space? We can easily convert that unfinished basement to a beautiful family room perfect for a man-cave, family TV room, or an in-house theater experience. We can help transform your basement into whatever you dream of! 

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Beautiful bathrooms are our specialty! Whether it's redoing an existing tub or remodeling an entire bathroom, we offer a variety of options to fit your budget. 


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